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Welcome Pi Iota Graduate Brothers

    We all recognize that life after our collegiate years is quickly filled with the responsibilities of work, family, and community.  So, it’s possible – perhaps even likely – that you’ve not had time to stay in touch with your Phi Gamma Delta brothers in any consistent way.  As much as we might wish for it, we know that we can’t bring back our youthful undergraduate days! But we hope that this site will serve as a small but meaningful connection for us all to the fond memories we have of Pi Iota.


   In addition to news about the undergraduate chapter, our hope is that we’ll be able to share news of our graduate brothers in these pages, so please use the form found on the Contact Us (hyperlink to page) page to send us an update on your personal and professional life, any awards, accomplishments or life events that you would like to share.  Perhaps this can be a first step in reconnecting with your Pi Iota brothers … we’d love to hear from you!

Pig Dinner Registration 2024

Register for the annual Pi Iota Pig Dinner, occurring on Saturday April 27th.

State of the Chapter

We are pleased to report that the undergraduate chapter has thrived over the years, and now boasts 50 members. Academically, the chapter scored an impressive 3.53 grade point average for the past academic year. 

For more information about the undergraduate chapter, please visit their website


Marc Voorhees '23

Brother Voorhees, ME class of 2023, is a member of ROTC and will be commissioning as a lieutenant then going to flight school this summer. Brother Voorhees was Vice president of S.M.A.R.T., Interim Treasurer, and a model brother. 


Daniel Barmakian '24

During his time as President, we have received two awards for our after-school program in which we partnered with Our Bright Future and TRUE Robotics. We received the Coughlin Award and the Volunteerism Award was given to us by Our Bright Future


John Puksta '23

Brother Puksta, ECE class of 2023, won the Fraternity Man of the Year award in 2022.  Puksta has also won the Ray Cherenzia '73 Award, which is given to a member of a varsity team that exemplifies the spirit of an "Unsung Hero

What is F.A Morse?

       Many fraternity and sorority chapters across the country are owned by local corporations, commonly called a “house corporation”.  Often managed by graduate volunteers, a house corporation plays a very important role in the continued existence and well-being of a chapter in the Fraternity. The typical house corporation is a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit corporation and performs one or more of the following functions:


  • Provides general advice and guidance to undergraduate officers in managing the house and property.

  • Supervision of long-term housing, authority for financial details related to housing, and direction of planning for future housing needs, including management of the chapter’s reserve fund.

  • Coordination of general graduate activities, communications, and reunions to encourage graduate brothers to continue their interest and support of the chapter and the Fraternity, especially if there is no graduate chapter.

  • Meet regularly to review the rent, finances, upkeep on the physical plant, insurance coverage, and to provide input to the bylaws of the chapter that relate to the house corporation (capacity, room charges, reserve fund allowance, etc.).


​     The F. A. Morse Association is the entity which owns and manages the Pi Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta house at 99 Salisbury St.  It is governed by a team of graduates who volunteer their time to make sure that the facility provides a safe living environment that supports the educational activities of our undergraduate brothers. 

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