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Purple Legionnaire

    The Purple Legionnaire is the principal graduate brother responsible for advising a chapter at the local level.
Dave Willens '09

Section Chief

       The Section Chief is an Appointed General Officer who is the primary recruiter for graduate volunteers within Phi Gamma Delta's geographical sections. The Section Chief works to see that each chapter has an active Purple Legionnaire, Board of Chapter Advisors and House Corporation. It would be a disservice to say that is all Tim does, as he does some much more for the chapter.

F.A Morse Association Inc.

  FA Morse is the Alumni and House Corporation of FIJI - Pi Iota at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  The members of the board provide guidance and support to the undergraduate chapter, in addition to owning and operating/maintaining the chapter facility at 99 Salisbury St. in Worcester, MA.
Henry Fitzgerald


James Mostellar

Jason Hutchins 

Mano Michaelidis

Recording Secretary

Board of Chapter Advisors

     Members of the Board of Chapter Advisors assist the Purple Legionnaire in advising the chapter when needed by working with specific officers / Committee Chairmen and/or areas of operation.
Mark Macaulay
John Kirwin
Jim Detora
Bill Johnson
Jim Jardine

Steering Committee

      A dedicated group of alumni who are working to advance the project and campaign.

Bob Ferrari, Co-Chair
Mark Macauley, Co-Chair
Henry Fitzgerald
Andy Williams
Wes Salomon 
Dave Willens
Ray Dunn
Jason Hutchins
Steve Watson
Wally Towner

Campaign Counsel

     We have retained the services of a professional fundraiser to assess whether a fundraising campaign for this project is likely to succeed.

adam wilbur.png
Adam Wilbur, CFRE (WPI' ‘06)
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